Oncology must be more patient-friendly

A Oncologia deve aproximar-se do doente

Dr. Sónia Rego, an oncologist at the Hospital da Arrábida, was interviewed by the magazine Hematology and Oncology. The subsequent article mentioned various aspects of her medical experience and the specifics of cancer patients.

'Oncology must become much more patient-friendly and not the other way around', she says, drawing attention to the importance of early diagnosis, as well as carrying out follow-up tests in the shortest time possible.

Currently working in Oncology at the Hospital da Arrábida, Dr. Sónia Rego stresses, however, that she feels fulfilled professionally, since the department offers the necessary day-to-day working conditions for the clinical approach she as a doctor trained for: give your best for the patient.' (...)

(...) 'If, for example, there is suspected neoplasia, in two or three days I can get all the data that allow me to make an assessment of the tumor and recommend a therapy', she says, stressing the need to always give the patient a quick response, whether it be through a cure, palliative care or relief of symptoms. ” (...)

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