Robotic Surgery at Hospital da Luz Arrábida: Excellence in the Treatment of Prostate Cancer Hospital da Luz Arrábida became, last October, the first clinical unit in the North of the countr

Cirurgia robótica no Hospital da Luz Arrábida: uma aposta de excelência no tratamento do cancro da próstata

Hospital da Luz Arrábida became, last October, the first clinical unit in the North of the country to use a surgical robot, materializing one more step in the strategy of Luz Saúde Group to provide a technological and clinical advanced network englobing all its units and offering a medical service of excellence and innovation to all its clients, North and South. 

The main oncologic robotic surgeries performed at Hospital da Luz Arrábida are innovating and high-quality procedures to treat prostate cancer, which offer patients better clinical results in the fight against oncologic disease and allow a more efficient and safe recovery.

Radical prostatectomy by robotic surgery, for instance, already regularly performed by surgeons at Hospital da Luz Arrábida, allows a better visualization of anatomic structures, improving the application of more complex surgical techniques with better functional results for patients, namely in terms of erectile function recovery and faster urinary incontinence reversion.

The robotic system “Da Vinci” has major application in the areas of Urology and General Surgery, namely in oncologic pathologies. In these areas, Hospital da Luz Network counts with some of the top national specialists. Currently, Hospital da Luz Arrábida is the only unit in the North to integrate surgical medical teams with experience in robotic surgery.

The knowledge and acquired experience and the investment in training of nursing and medical teams, always bearing in mind this surgical approach, have made Hospital da Luz Arrábida a reference in minimally invasive surgery and robotic surgery in the North of the country.

Minimally invasive surgery has always been one of the main goals of Hospital da Luz Arrábida, considering the underlying constant innovation in its different areas of application and its advantages for patients.

At Hospital da Luz Arrábida, are regularly performed several procedures of high complexity, using minimally invasive surgery, namely robotic surgery.

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