Hospital da Arrábida maintains quality certification

Hospital da Arrábida mantém certificação de qualidade

Hospital da Arrábida had once again its quality recognized in the service rendered to clients.

On November 6, another external auditing for re-certification of its Services of Clinical Analysis, Imagiology, Sterilization and Transfusion Medicine was positively concluded, in conformity with Norm ISO 9001:2008, by Bureau Veritas Certification Portugal.

Areas and scope of certification:


Tests in the areas of radiology and neuroradiology, comprising the following techniques:

  •          Computed tomography (CT)
  •          Magnetic resonance (MR)
  •          Mammography
  •          Densitometry
  •          Ecography
  •          Conventional and contrast radiology (RX)
  •          Interventional radiology

 Clinical analysis

  •  Biological products collection and results delivery

 Transfusion medicine

  •  Preparation and transport of components and/or blood by-products for transfusional application; testing

Central sterilization

  •          Washing and packaging of non-critical material
  •          Disinfection and packaging of semi-critical material
  •          Washing, disinfection, packaging and sterilization of critical material

Hospital da Arrábida meets, therefore, its goal of offering health care services of excellence, based on high technology and technical differentiation of its collaborators.

Have your diagnostic exams made in the safety of a medical environment recognized with quality certification.