Innovative treatment of erectile dysfunction available at Hospital da Arrábida

Tratamento inovador da disfunção erétil disponível no Hospital da Arrábida

Erectile dysfunction or impotence is a problem common to many men, being defined as the persistent incapacity to obtain and maintain a sufficient erection to allow a satisfactory sexual relation.

Hospital da Arrábida offers its clients an innovative treatment of erectile dysfunction, non-invasive, not resorting to medication, not requiring anaesthesia and painless.

The treatment is carried out in 4 to 6 sessions of 15-20 minutes each, once a week, using the most modern and innovative equipment of low-intensity shockwaves. Sessions are monitored by experienced urologists, so as to guarantee total safety, precision and efficiency of treatment.

Hospital da Arrábida becomes, then, the first private hospital in Portugal to promote this innovative treatment for erectile dysfunction, already available to its clients.

For more information, consult your urologist.

To make an appointment, contact us by telephone 223 776 800 or by other means available.