Awards and Certifications

Awards and Certifications

Hospital da Luz Arrábida's implementation of the Quality Management System in Imaging Services, Clinical Analysis, Transfusion Medicine and Central Sterilizing Services under Standard ISO 9001:2008 NP EN, led to a cultural change within the organization.

The motivation and involvement of our human resources enabled us to clearly identify areas for improvement, as well as the most important problems for which solutions had to be developed, in order to achieve our aim of practicing excellent medicine of the highest quality in technical, human and service terms.

The hospital was recognized by Bureau Veritas when they awarded Quality Certification on 15 November 2012 for excellence in performing and transmitting the results of our clients' Complementary Diagnostic Exams, based on state-of-the-art technology and technical distinction of our employees.

Scope of certification


Imaging tests are carried out in the areas of Radiology and Neuroradiology, covering the following techniques: Conventional Radiology (X-Ray), Contrast and Interventional Radiology; Ultrasound; Computerized Tomography (CT); Magnetic Resonance (MRI); Mammography and Densitometry.


The analysis of biological products and delivery of results.


The processing and distribution of blood components and/or derivative products for use in transfusions; The carrying out of trials.


The cleaning and packaging of non-critical items; the disinfection and packaging of semi-critical items; the cleaning, disinfection, packaging and sterilization of critical items.