The selection of vendors for the facilities in the Luz Saúde Group is based on rigorous evaluation standards in order to assure that the products we use in our daily practice contribute to the provision of high quality services and customer satisfaction.

Purchases of equipment, services, consumables and drugs are conducted by the Central Negotiation Procurement Department at Luz Saúde, SA, in order to streamline and standardize quality and cost for all facilities in the Group.

For this purpose, they initiate tender competitions specifically designed for each functional area or medical specialty.

The tender process follows a standard set of rules and includes objective criteria to be considered during the evaluation of proposals in order to optimize the quality / price for all purchases.

Purchases for the Hospital da Luz Lisboa are managed by specialized teams that interact directly with the different functional units of the Hospital and with the Central Negotiation Procurement Department in Luz Saúde.

At the Hospital da Luz Lisboa, this activity is performed by two Directorates: Materials Management - for the purchase of equipment, consumable medical products, hospitality, stewardship and maintenance - and the Pharmacy, for the purchase of drugs and related supplies.

The performance of these directorates is based on the principles of optimal management of purchase planning and  rationalization of stock in order to establish purchase levels fully adjusted to the operational needs of hospital while also contributing significantly to the good financial results of the Hospital.

We are exigent with our suppliers because they are our partners. We want our relationship to be solid and transparent. Therefore we invest in tools that facilitate the communication of our needs and analysis of our available supplies through an e-procurement platform.

If you are already a vendor for the Luz Saúde click here to access the platform.

If you wish to register for access to this platform, please contact the Central Directorate of the Luz Saúde Group (click here to send e-mail message).

  • Contacts

    Gabriela Valido

    Director of Central Negotiation Procurement of Luz Saúde T. 213 138 260

    José Varela Gonçalves

    Director of Materials Management at the Hospital da Luz Lisboa T. 217 104 400

    Cláudia Santos

    Pharmacy Director at the Hospital da Luz Lisboa T. 217 104 400