Neurologist at the Hospital de Santiago gets PhD from the Lisbon Faculty of Medicine

Neurologista do Hospital de Santiago doutorada pela Faculdade de Medicina de Lisboa

Isabel Henriques, a neurologist at the Hospital de Santiago passed her doctoral exams in the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Lisbon.

Her dissertation, entitled Acute Cerebral Ischemia and Modeling with Hydrogen Sulfide, was based on an experimental study on an animal model which evaluated the hypothesis that after acute cerebral ischemia hydrogen sulfide acts as brain protector, by modulating the postischemic oxidative stress and the expression of reactive oxygen species, or by promoting subsequent tissue repair.

Isabel Henriques, a specialist in neurology since 1994, was a doctoral student at the Lisbon Faculty of Medicine and on the International Neuroscience Doctoral Program run by the Champalimaud Foundation. She had already completed a Master's in Neurological Sciences at the University of Coimbra Faculty of Medicine in 2000, supervised by professors José Ferro and Alte da Veiga, and in 2006 did postgraduate research in 'Dirección de Servicios de Salud – Integrated Innovation Strategies and New Instruments', at ESADE Business School; Madrid. She has authored around 150 presentations at national and international conferences and about 25 publications in journals and books in her area of expertise.