Quality and Safety

Quality and Safety

The Hospital da Luz Setúbal aims to achieve excellence in health care provision by focusing on the needs of each patient, offering care based on the latest scientific and technical advances in medicine while maintaining a solid and transparent relationship with all clients.

The quality strategy at the Hospital da Luz Setúbal involves the whole organization since many different aspects of the service affect customer satisfaction and, consequently, the reputation and future of the hospital. Appropriate provision of health care services, patient safety and equity of care constitute the basis of the strategy for clinical quality. Other areas of quality that are of special importance are the integration of care and the inpatient experience.

In order to achieve excellence, the Hospital da Luz Setúbal evaluates their practices in various aspects of the patients’ experiences, from admission to discharge, as well as during referrals to services outside the hospital. The hospital establishes clear processes and procedures throughout the course of care, for the management of customer relationships, as well as for preventive and remedial actions involved in continuous improvement initiatives. The hospital also analyzes and compares its results with those of other health facilities, both national and international.

Clinical quality is assessed by internationally recognized clinical indicators, including those for specific aspects of the service as well as general indicators. These indicators permit analysis of the treatment process, its impact and its results and contribute to translating compliance into good practices. Examples of these indicators are morbidity, mortality or readmission rates of patients, the incidence of potentially preventable complications or adverse events, among others.

From theory to practice

Quality in health care is a multidimensional concept, which involves such criteria as safety, effectiveness, efficiency, accessibility, equity and patient-centered care.

In reality, there is no single measure to define the excellence of a hospital. Our commitment to our clients is evident through our collective goal - to do everything in our power to provide the best possible health care - through the adoption of advanced technologies, recruiting and retaining the best professionals, modern and efficient facilities that serve the needs of clients and employees, and the continual focus on safe and consistent clinical practice for every patient we see.

The Hospital da Luz Setúbal is implementing a set of measures in order to evaluate and continually improve upon the quality of care we provide.