O Hospital da Luz Setúbal (Hospor - Hospitais Portugueses, S.A.) guarantees a respect for the privacy of the Users of this website.

Personal data that identifies the user is not automatically registered by visiting the website. However, the use of certain content or services may involve submission of personal data by the user.

This privacy policy is an integral part of the terms of use of this website http://www.hospitaldaluz.pt/setubal and regulates the collection and treatment of personal data provided by the users. It also describes your rights regarding this data in terms of the law on personal data protection.

Collection and Treatment of Data

The Hospital da Luz Setúbal is the entity responsible for collecting and processing personal data submitted by the users of this website. Personal data collected will be processed and stored by the Hospital da Luz Setúbal and/or the relevant subcontracted entities it employs. The data is used to respond to requests for appointments, in additional to comments and requests for clarification that may be initiated by the user. Any personal data collected will be stored in a way that permits your identification only during the period necessary for further collection of information and additional processing, after which the data will be eliminated.

Hospital da Luz Setúbal assumes that the personal data collected belongs to the user and the submission has been authorized by same. Furthermore, it is assumed that the data is true and accurate.

Right to Access

In accordance with the law, the user is guaranteed the right to access, update and correct their personal data, as well as the right to oppose the treatment or processing of the data, upon written request addressed to Customer Service at the address Estrada Nacional 10, km 37, 2900-722 Setúbal.

Communication of Data

Hospital da Luz Setúbal may communicate your personal data to third parties when it has obtained unambiguous consent from the user or when:

  • transmission takes place as part of fulfilling a legal obligation, a resolution of the National Commission for Data Protection or a court order
  • communication is carried out to protect the vital interests of the user or any other legitimate purpose under the Act.

Security Measures

The Hospital da Luz Setúbal makes every effort to protect users’ personal data against unauthorized access through the Internet. To this end the hospital uses security systems, rules and other procedures to prevent unauthorized access to data in order to protect against misuse, disclosure, loss or destruction.

It is, however, your responsibility to ensure that the computer you are using is properly protected against malicious software, computer viruses and worms. Additionally, you should be aware that without the adoption of appropriate security measures (for example, secure configuration of the browser, antivirus software, updated software, security barriers, in additional to the use of software of dubious origin), the risk of personal data and passwords being accessed by third parties without permission, is increased.

It must also be noted that when data collection takes place on open networks such as the Internet, the data may move without security, with the risk of being seen and used by unauthorized third parties.

Cookies policy

We use cookies on the Luz Saúde sites to provide a better user experience. The information obtained is not used for any other purpose. A cookie is a bit of information that is automatically placed on the hard disks of the users’ computers when they access some sites. The Luz Saúde sites use cookies only during the current session, namely to store the language, the health care unit and the type of access device used, and to display questionnaires. The process of collecting information using cookies is done in accordance with standard security procedures and practices for these types of tools. In addition to these cookies, which are specific to the Luz Saúde sites, Google Analytics cookies are also used to record statistical data regarding visitor traffic to the site and the characteristics of that traffic. The cookies set by Google Analytics send data only to the server where the domain is installed, making the data the property of that domain. These data cannot be altered or retrieved by any service or by any other domain. The information obtained by these means does not allow for any cross-referencing of your IP address for the purpose of checking personal data. Additional information on how Google Analytics collects and processes data are available at www.google.com/policies/privacy/partners/.

Alterations to the Privacy Policy

The Hospital da Luz Setúbal reserves the right to at any time and without notice and with immediate effect, change, add or withdraw, partially or totally, this Privacy Policy.

Any changes will be immediately released on the same page online.