Preparation for hospital admission

Preparation for hospital admission

General advice for the night before and day of your surgical procedure at Hospital da Luz Arrábida.

Here is some important advice for patients who will be undergoing a surgical procedure. Please note that this does not replace the personalized information you receive from your doctor, the nurses in the operating theatre and/or the admission services.

On the day before a surgical procedure

On the day before going to hospital, you should:

  • Continue your usual daily routine, making sure not to become fatigued.
  • Take a bath or shower in the evening, before going to bed (for the relaxing effect).
  • Avoid cold surroundings or air currents.
  • Eat a light meal at dinner time, without drinking alcohol or coffee.
  • Go to bed early.
  • Ensure you have transport to the hospital.
  • In case of outpatient surgery (without admission), ensure you have transport to get back home.
  • Organize the relevant documents you will need to bring with you:

- Identification and national insurance card
- Sub-system health card or health insurance card,
- Authorization that may be required to use Hospital services
- Medical tests (laboratory, radiology and electrocardiology) and physician prescriptions.

  • Organize and bring your current medications.
  • Pack a bag with your clothes (pajamas, bathrobe, socks, slippers...), and personal hygiene products.

On the day of surgery

On the day you will go to the hospital, you should take the following into account:

  • If you are due to be operated on in the morning, you should fast from midnight onwards (you should fast for at least 6 hours prior to surgery).
  • If you are due to be operated on in the afternoon, you may have a light breakfast up to 8.00 am (if you will complete more exams at the hospital, then please fast during the day).
  • Bring comfortable clothes to sleep in (pajamas, socks, slippers and bathrobe).
  • Bring your personal hygiene items.
  • Avoid bringing any valuables.
  • Bring all the documentation you have already organized and deliver it to reception.
  • On arrival, you should report to the reception for ambulatory surgery, on level 2, where your admission process will take place.
  • If you are being admitted on a Sunday or public holiday, you should report to the reception desk on level 0.
  • Women in labor will be admitted directly to the Maternity Unit, located on level 6 of the Hospital.
  • On arrival at the admission service, you will be met by a member of the nursing team who will explain how the unit operates. You will be asked some questions that aim to ensure you receive the highest level of service.
  • If you plan to limit visitors, please communicate this at the time of admission.