Prices and Payments



Consultations First consultation 75,00€
Subsequent consultations 65,00€
Emergency Department

Day time (8h00 to 22h00) 80,00€
Night time (22h00 to 8h00), holidays and weekends 85,00€
Principal diagnostic and therapeutic exams Bone densitometry (coxofemoral) 79,00€
Ultrasound 65€ to 80€
Ultrasound and Mammography 65€ and 78€
X-Ray (cervical spine, two plans) 34,00€
MRI (without contrast) 279,00€
CT Scan 155€ to 160€
Inpatient stays– daily rates Surgery Individual room 225,00€
Double room 190,00€
Medicine Individual room 270,00€
Quarto duplo 205,00€
Accompanying persons 60,00 €
Births Vaginal birth 2.446,50€ to 3.184,50€
Cesarean 4.231,50€


This table is not exhaustive, if you need additional information please contact us.
Prices presented are subject to change without notice.
Prices presented do not include clinical consumables and drugs.
Inpatient consultations are not included in the daily rate.
In case of hospitalization and / or surgical intervention, an advance payment will be required on the day of admission.
The values refer to deliveries with anesthesia and without complications.


Services provided by the Hospital da Luz Arrábida may be paid in cash, by check or debit card.