British is Now Hospital da Luz

The British Hospital, acquired in July 2017 by Grupo Luz Saúde, changes its name today and will be now designated as Hospital da Luz Torres de Lisboa. Besides its new identity, reflecting its integration in the brand that connects all Luz Saúde units, the management of its services will be common to Hospital da Luz Lisboa.

The purpose of the now designated Hospital da Luz Torres de Lisboa remains to offer in one single place and with all comfort a complete range of healthcare, meeting the essential needs of its clients. But the close connection it now has with Hospital da Luz Lisboa guarantees them the indispensable support and safety, when more differentiated care is needed, and offers them an integrated and multidisciplinary response in health.

Hospital da Luz Torres de Lisboa maintains all agreements previously established with major insurance companies, health complementary systems, companies and entities; the list can be consulted Hospital da Luz Torres de Lisboa website. All contacts are maintained; they can be consulted in the website.

With the integrated management of the health services of both units, Hospital da Luz Lisboa is now the responsible for the processing of clinical and administrative data from British Hospital clients, now Hospital da Luz Torres de Lisboa. Thus, they must check the Privacy Information concerning personal data processing, which can be made here.

Hospital da Luz Torres de Lisboa appreciates the trust placed by clients on our services and will do everything possible to continue to meet their best expectations.