Cycle Ergometry – New Exam at Hospital da Luz Arrábida

Now, cycle ergometry or cardiopulmonary exercise testing is available at Hospital da Luz Arrábida.

This new exam is an effort testing performed on a fixed cycling machine, with increasing difficulty, where pulmonary and cardiac response to exercise is evaluated, measuring several biological parameters, in the beginning, during and at the end of testing:

- Oxygen level
- Carbon dioxide level
- Spirometry (pulmonary function)
- Cardiac frequency
- Arterial pressure
- Electrocardiogram

Who should do this testing?

Cycle ergometry is especially designed for:

- People with shortness of breath, respiratory difficulty, fatigue or exhaustion for unknown reasons.
- People with pulmonary or cardiac disease intending to start physical exercise in the scope of a cardiorespiratory rehabilitation program.
- In case of asthma suspicion caused by exercise.
- In the follow-up of some pulmonary or cardiac diseases.
- In the evaluation of surgical risk, especially in patients with serious pulmonary or cardiac diseases, which for some reason need surgery.

Cycle ergometry testing at Hospital da Luz Arrábida is performed by a physician and a cardiopulmonary technician, in accordance with the international regulations, assuring total safety during the proceeding.

For more information or scheduling, contact Hospital da Luz Arrábida: 223 776 800.