Unprecedented thyroid surgery at Hospital da Arrábida

The Hospital da Arrábida made the headlines in the national press, with news of a thyroid surgery performed through an innovative technique and broadcast live from the hospital to an audience of Portuguese and foreign health professionals gathered in the auditorium of the Cupertino Miranda Foundation in Porto.

Vietnamese doctor Tran Ngoc Luong - the world's greatest specialist in transaxillary endoscopy - was invited to Portugal to carry out this operation by Arrábida Hospital surgeon, Jaime Vilaça, responsible for the symposium 'At the Forefront of Endoscopic Surgery', organized by the hospital on 25 and 26 May.

The Vietnamese technique was reported in full detail by the Diário de Noticias newspaper which devoted an entire page to the symposium and this innovative thyroid surgery. He also helped to teach and train Portuguese colleagues in this new technique. The Arrábida Hospital thus becomes the only European hospital where this type of thyroid surgery will be available.