Global Handwashing Day Celebrated at Hospital da Luz Aveiro

Hospital da Luz Aveiro celebrates Global Handwashing Day, on October 15, with a series of initiatives destined to sensitize the population for the importance of this way of preventing infections.

The professionals of this Hospital da Luz unit decided to set the example and made a film on the topic, broadcasted in the hospital’s waiting rooms.

Furthermore, on Monday, October 16, the patients visiting Hospital da Luz Aveiro will receive information on the implications of not washing hands frequently and on how to do it properly, being invited to participate in an experience: plunge their hands in a solution that, under ultraviolet light, reveals the non-hygienized areas.

The Global Handwashing Day is an initiative of the Global Handwashing Partnership, a project launched in 2008 by entities and organizations of many kinds all over the world, as a way to fight child mortality.

The goal is to appeal to a simple gesture, which is at the same time the most efficient way to prevent diseases and save lives: to wash hands with soap several times a day, especially after going to the bathroom and before meals.