Hospital da Luz Urologist at RTP Channel: “Sexual dysfunction is still a taboo”

“This topic is still a taboo”, highlighted Pedro Vendeira, urologist from Hospital da Luz Arrábida and one of the specialists participating in a story broadcasted at RTP Channel on February 14, on the occasion of the European Day of Sexual Dysfunction.

It is estimated that sexual dysfunction affects one in four men and one in five women, but the great majority does not seek medical help, despite the multiple treatments available. Loss of libido, erectile dysfunction, ejaculation disorders, orgasm alterations and pain during sexual intercourse are some manifestations of sexual dysfunction, as explained Pedro Vendeira. “Only 12 to 15% of men seek medical help” – as it was the case of a patient from Hospital da Luz Arrábida who accepted to give his testimony to RTP reporters.

Pedro Vendeira is a specialist in urology with competency in Clinical Sexology recognized by the National Board of Physicians. His main areas of activity are general urology, sexual medicine, Peyronie’s disease and infertility (masculine factor).

Watch the RTP story, here