Hospital da Luz Ensures Medical Assistance to Volvo Ocean Race

Hospital da Luz will ensure and coordinate, for the third time, clinical assistance to the Lisbon phase of Volvo Ocean Race regatta, whose stopover and sea races in Tejo estuary will take place between October 31 and November 5, at Pedrouços dock.

As official medical provider, Hospital da Luz repeats, after the 2012 and 2015 editions, its association to the longest oceanic regatta in the world, whose 13th edition involves seven teams of sailors, in a total of over 60 crew members.

The race started on October 22, in Alicante (Spain) and will end on the 30th June 2018, in Hague (Netherlands) – after passing by Lisbon, Cape Town (South Africa), Melbourne (Australia), Hong Kong and Guangzhou (China), Auckland (New Zealand), Itajaí (Brazil), Newport (United States), Cardiff (Wales) and Gothenburg (Sweden).

Medical centre in the dock

In the space of Pedrouços dock, where the participant teams will be based, Hospital da Luz has installed a medical centre, where about 20 health professionals will provide medical assistance to the public in the precinct and to the sailors and technical teams involved in the works of setting and dismantling of the several infrastructures in place (a work that was initiated on October 21 and will end on November 10).

This Hospital da Luz medical centre will be equipped with all the equipment necessary, including electrocardiography device, portable mechanical ventilator, monitor/defibrillator and surgical suture kits, among other medical and pharmacologic material.

It is worth noting that, between 1-5 November, during the races in Tejo estuary, a physician from Hospital da Luz will accompany the races onboard a boat, being prepared to provide assistance to all crew members that may need immediate treatment.

Medical assistance to Volvo Ocean Race is also ensured by ambulances for eventual transport of patients to the hospital, and by INEM services which will be activated in case of more serious situations.