Femtosecond laser in cataract surgery at Hospital da Arrábida

Laser de femtosegundo na cirurgia da catarata no Hospital da Arrábida

Recently, femtosecond laser began to be used in another ophthalmic surgery performed at Hospital da Arrábida – cataract surgery –, enabling high levels of efficacy and safety. The femtosecond laser allows executing some steps of the cataract surgery in a reproducible manner with a higher level of safety, presently representing excellence in this kind of intervention.

This technology was already used since 2008 in the ophthalmology unit at Hospital da Arrábida, more specifically in support of Lasik refractive surgery.

Therefore, Hospital da Arrábida was the first private hospital in the north of Portugal to use femtosecond laser in support of ophthalmic surgery, having an incomparable experience in the area at national level.

The main advantages of femtosecond laser are:

  • Higher level of precision and safety
  • Risk reduction of intraocular infection
  • Limitation of complications during surgery
  • Faster postoperative recovery.

The availability of this technology reflects the constant investment of Hospital da Arrábida in the quality and safety of the health care provided.

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