At the forefront of endoscopic surgery

The symposium 'At the Forefront of Endoscopic Surgery' on 25 and 26 May, brought together over one hundred health professionals in the auditorium of the Cupertino Miranda Foundation (Porto) who analyzed and discussed the latest developments in this minimally invasive surgery in Portugal.

General surgery, pediatric surgery and orthopedics were the surgical specialties involved at this event promoted by the Hospital da Arrábida, which was coordinated by doctors Jaime Vilaça (general surgery), João Moreira Pinto (pediatric surgery), Alcindo Silva (orthopedics) and José Manuel Teixeira (orthopedics).

At a time when minimally invasive surgeries are constantly evolving, it was with great satisfaction that the Hospital da Arrábida had a part in organizing this scientific discussion and sharing of knowledge.