New technique in rhinoplasty presented in an international event

Miguel Gonçalves Ferreira, otorhinolaryngologist from Hospital da Luz Guimarães, was the only Portuguese physician invited to participate in the Annual Congress of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS), which took place on October 6, in Nashville, Tennessee.

At this event, Miguel Gonçalves Ferreira presented his new technique in rhinoplasty – Spare Roof Technique, SRT. It is a new approach to nose superior and middle meatus in aesthetic rhinoplasty, with removal of the dorsal hump while preserving the natural ceiling. It results in a nonirregular nasal dorsum with future sustenance – structured rhinoplasty. This technique is indicated in all cases of nasal hump and other deviations.

This was one more international recognition of the technical quality and excellence of the clinical personnel that Hospital da Luz Arrábida offers to its patients.