Skin Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment Unit at Hospital da Luz Arrábida

Hospital da Luz Arrábida has a new clinical unit of skin cancer diagnosis and treatment. The purpose is to provide differentiated healthcare to patients, on the basis of a multidisciplinary approach in this important area of Dermatology.

The Skin Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment Unit of Hospital da Luz Arrábida is designed not only for the screening and diagnosis of suspicious cutaneous lesions, but also for the monitoring of patients with diagnosed skin cancer and the oncologic differentiated treatment of advanced cases of skin cancer.
The team counts with several specialists, namely Tiago Torres (Dermatology), Sónia Rego (Oncology), Luís Azevedo (Plastic Surgery) and Nuno Krug Noronha (Radiology).

In skin cancer, prevention and early diagnosis are essential, immediate screening being recommended to moles with alteration and suspicious cutaneous lesions.