New Unit for Skin Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

Hospital da Luz Clínica do Porto offers, from May 16 on, a new clinical service: the Unit of Skin Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment. The goal is to provide differentiated and multidisciplinary healthcare in this important area of dermatology.

The Unit of Skin Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment, coordinated by Professor Tiago Torres, is not only designed for screening and diagnosis of suspicious skin lesions, but also for monitoring already diagnosed patients and applying differentiated oncologic treatment in advanced cases.

Skin cancer is the most frequent malignant neoplasm in the European population, with significant increase in the last decades, mostly due to changes in behaviour concerning solar exposure. Skin cancers are largely curable, if early diagnosed. Self-examination and routine medical observation offer good chances of screening and early diagnosis.

To schedule appointments, contact Hospital da Luz Clínica do Porto at 226 150 600.