Hospital da Luz Arrábida Oncologist at SIC Notícias

Sónia Rego, Hospital da Luz Arrábida oncologist, participated in the TV show “Edição da Manhã”, at SIC Notícias channel, where she explained the risk factors, symptoms and prevention measures for colorectal cancer, the oncologic number one killer in Portugal. The participation in the TV show happened in association with the European Colorectal Cancer Awareness Day, celebrated on November 3.

Every year, in Portugal, about 8 thousand new cases of colorectal cancer arise and over 3 thousand die from the disease.
However, a recent study revealed that 50% of the Portuguese subjects don’t know how to identify colorectal cancer symptoms. Therefore, Sónia Rego highlighted that “the most important is to divulge colorectal cancer symptoms, since early diagnosis is essential”.

The oncologist reminded that colon and rectal cancer “can be prevented through screening”, namely searching for blood traces in stool and making colonoscopy (which allows the detection of polyps or premalignant lesions). People over 55 years old and unhealthy dietary habits and life style are the biggest risk group.

To see Sónia Rego participation in SIC Notícias