Hospital da Luz Arrábida Orthopedics Invited to International Congress

The Hip Pathology Unit team from Hospital da Luz Arrábida, oriented by orthopedician Cruz de Melo, was especially invited (as foreign guest) to the 17th North and Northeast Congress of Orthopedics and Traumatology – CNNOT (Congresso Norte e Nordeste de Ortopedia e Traumatologia), an event held between 2 and 4 June in São Luiz, Brazil.

In this congress, the team performed a live surgery – a hip arthroscopy for treatment of femoroacetabular conflict syndrome – which was live streamed from Hospital Universitário to the Congress Center.

Cruz de Melo was also the international speaker invited to the conference “Hip arthroscopy in the treatment of femoroacetabular conflict syndrome” (“Artroscopia da anca no tratamento de síndrome de conflito femoroacetabular”), participated as moderator in the roundtable on “Hip arthroscopy: technique, advances and challenges” (“Artroscopia da anca: técnica, avanços e desafios”), and participated in the discussion on “Review on total hip prosthesis – When there is no bone” (“Revisão de prótese total da anca – Quando não há osso”).

Manuel Padim, nurse at Hospital da Arrábida, was a special guest invited to the Nursing Symposium, where he presented themes such as: safe surgery in the operating room; safety check-list – the experience of “The Porto Hip UNIT”; surgical positioning in orthopedics; and spine surgery – new challenges.

This was the international recognition of the high quality service provided in the area of Orthopedics at Hospital da Luz Arrábida. This specialty from Hospital da Luz Arrábida is also, for some years now, a national reference, having received successive high rating in SINAS evaluation by the Health Regulatory Authority (ERS – Entidade Reguladora de Saúde), obtaining three stars of Clinical Excellence in the area of Orthopedics, particularly in hip total arthroplasty.