Free Screening to Prevent Skin Cancer

The Skin Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment Unit of Hospital da Luz Arrábida will offer next May 16 free screening for skin cancer, a way to celebrate the Euromelanoma Week.

In skin cancer, prevention and early diagnosis are essential. Whoever has multiple moles, moles with alterations in shape, size or color, or other cutaneous lesions considered suspicious, should do the screening. It is worth mentioning that the Portuguese Association of Skin Cancer estimates, for the current year, 12 thousand new cases of skin cancer, of which a thousand just of melanoma.

Euromelanoma is a European network of dermatologists created in 1999, in Belgium, already involving 33 countries. Its purpose is to promote and share information on prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer.

All those interested in this initiative of Hospital da Luz Arrábida must enrol themselves by phone 223 776 800.