Rhinoplasty – New Technique at Hospital da Arrábida

Miguel Gonçalves Ferreira, otorhinolaryngologist at Hospital da Arrábida since 2006, has published another article on «Facial Plastic Surgery». This is the first publication on a new rhinoplasty technique, the Spare Roof Technique – SRT, in the prestigious American journal «Facial Plastic Surgery», from Thieme Medical Publishers.

The new technique, developed at Hospital de Santo António and Hospital da Arrábida, was presented by the author to his colleagues (otorhinolaryngologists and plastic surgeons) in Europe, Brazil, United States, Colombia, South Korea, South Africa and Mexico. This is a new approach in aesthetic rhinoplasty to the upper and mean third of the nose. The classic approach to high nasal bridge, the so-called nasal hump, involves the dorsum destruction and consequent reconstruction. This destruction/reconstruction often results in relevant deformities in late postoperative period, such as bone splinters, irregularities and nasal deviations. With this new technique, a structured rhinoplasty, the dorsal hump is removed preserving the natural roof, thus obtaining a dorsum with no irregularities and future support capacity. This technique is indicated for all type of dorsal humps and deviated septum.

Read here the abstract of the article published.