Hospital da Luz Arrábida (formely Hospital da Arrábida) became part of Luz Saúde (formely Espírito Santo Saúde) integrated network of hospitals at the end of 2000, taking on a first-line role in the provision of healthcare to the Greater Porto region and the north of the country.

At the end of 1998, the hospital construction project was launched in the Arrábida Shopping Complex, which gave rise to Hospital da Luz Arrábida.

In 1999, Hospital da Luz Arrábida obtained an operating license from the General Directorate for Health (license number UPS04/02.99), in recognition of its strict adherence to the legal requirements for hospitals.

By 2000, Luz Saúde acquired a majority share in Hospital da Luz Arrábida, which was thereby integrated into the company’s nationwide project.  Following this integration, and in order to standardize the image of the units belonging to Luz Saúde, this healthcare unit changed its name to the current title of Hospital da Arrábida-Gaia, SA.

The change of majority shareholder also led to a review of the organization, administration and clinical structure. An emphasis was placed on the development of specialties which had seen extraordinary technological advances in recent decades, such as cardiology (clinical and interventional) and cardiothoracic surgery, neurosciences, general and laparoscopic surgery, ophthalmology, otorhinolaryngology and vascular surgery, amongst others.

Construction of an additional floor was completed in 2002, which enabled Hospital da Luz Arrábida to significantly increase its inpatient capacity.

Clinical products are currently being developed that will supplement the medical and surgical specialties as part of a multidisciplinary and patient-focused approach to care. Existing examples of this can be seen in the Coronary Pathology Unit, the Spinal Unit or the Emergency Department.

With regard to infrastructure, areas dedicated to consultation, diagnostic testing, outpatient surgery and inpatient units were reorganized and refurbished. This investment led to the physical area doubling in size.The Intensive Care Unit was refurbished and refitted, and now has the latest equipment at its disposal. The existing equipment in operating theatres, inpatient wards and consultation rooms was also upgraded.

In 2010, an entire floor was dedicated entirely to women, with an emphasis on Maternity.Since February 2010, the Pediatric Care Unit has been operating from a dedicated children's outpatient unit, operating from 08:00 to 24:00, 365 days a year, for scheduled consultations and urgent care.

The Hospital changed its name to Hospital da Luz Arrábida in 2016.