Hospital da Luz Arrábida

Hospital da Luz Arrábida

Hospital da Luz Arrábida, in Vila Nova de Gaia, stands out as a first line hospital unit, with capacity to serve the big city of Oporto and the north of the country, gathering an experienced clinical body and the most recent and sophisticated medical technology, which ensure the safety and efficacy of the health care provided. 

The healthcare and services provided reveal a high level of competence and specialization of its professionals and a high emphasis in the relationship with patients.

Hospital da Luz Arrábida offers a wide range of medical and surgical specialties, together with an extensive array of complementary means of diagnosis – namely, endoscopy, echography, general radiography, CAT, magnetic resonance and angiography.

At Hospital da Luz Arrábida, several differentiated services are available, such as hemodynamic and interventional cardiology (offering unique conditions for the diagnosis and treatment of cardiac diseases), medical day hospital (for oncology treatments), paediatrics (with seven consultation rooms and an examination room) and aesthetic medicine (involving dermatology, general surgery, reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery and vascular surgery).

Hospital da Luz Arrábida surgical unit  has seven rooms equipped for all kinds of procedures. Particularly noteworthy is the state-of-the-art equipment, unique in the north of the country, for robotic surgery (Da Vinci) and minimally invasive surgery.

The maternity unit has two delivery rooms, a C-section operating room and a recovery room, as well as an internment area with individual rooms.

Internment offers individual and double rooms. The unit of polyvalent intensive care has four beds, with six more beds in intermediate care.

The Emergency Service – for adults and children – is available 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.