Hospital da Luz Arrábida is located in a building attached to Arrábida Shopping, alongside Arrábida Bridge and the A1 highway.

Hospital da Luz Arrábida is located in an eight storey building, integrated into the Arrábida Shopping Complex, with a covered floor area of around 13,200 square meters.

It is situated alongside various main highway links (Arrábida Bridge and A1 highway) and has free and covered parking, which it shares with Arrábida Shopping Complex. Hospital da Luz Arrábida is equipped with backup systems, which ensure the building has the highest possible level of security.

Equipped with the necessary technical and security facilities, the Hospital complies with all parameters required by existing legislation (license of operation n.º 1/2013, issued by ARSN).

Hospital da Luz Arrábida has 51 consulting rooms, 7 operating theatres and respective recovery rooms (conventional and outpatient), a maternity unit with a caesarean delivery room, two normal delivery rooms, a neonatal care unit, an intensive care unit, an inpatient unit and diagnostic center, where it is possible to carry out all kinds of examinations. It also offers welcoming and functional spaces that enable a high degree of functionality and provide patients with an atmosphere that is conducive to a speedy recovery.