Pharmaceutical Services

Pharmaceutical Services

Pharmaceutical Services at the Hospital da Luz Arrábida, through its young and dynamic team, make informed and active contributions to the care of the patient, motivated by their aim to achieve a consistently excellent standard of care.

Pharmaceutical Services are responsible for everything related to the wise and appropriate use of medication for the best interest of the patient. Indeed, the correct use of medication involves decision making at various levels before the patient even receives the drug, from research, technology assessment, distribution, prescription and administration. It is the pharmacists who take the leading role in managing all of these activities.

At the Hospital da Luz Arrábida, Pharmaceutical Services assume an active and diverse role, extending into several areas, including:

  • The Distribution of Medication

The distribution of medication is the most visible part of the role of Pharmaceutical Services. This distribution refers to individual unit doses as well as the replenishment and control of drugs in compliance with government regulations.
Pharmaceutical Services ensure fulfillment of the prescription, streamline the distribution procedures, guarantee the correct administration, minimize the chance for error, monitor the therapy, relieve nurses of related administrative tasks and drug handling, and rationalize the cost of therapy.

  • Selection and Acquisition of Medication

The rationale and appropriate selection of drugs is an essential function in a hospital setting, mainly due to the wide variety of treatment choices available in the pharmaceutical market. Decision support in the form of actively enforced policies and treatment protocols contribute to the management of this activity.

In the Hospital da Luz Arrábida, the selection of drugs is a multidisciplinary process that ensures such factors as the cost, efficacy, safety and quality of the medication are taken into account. The selection of drugs is based on scientific evidence, which supports the concept of the rational use of medicines. The selection of medications is a centralized process for the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee of the Hospital da Luz Arrábida.

  • Production of Medications

At times, the dosage options for a drug need to be manipulated from the standard dosages available on the market according to the patients needs. Pharmaceutical Services safely, and in accordance with best practice guidelines, prepares custom dosages including the repackaging of drugs for individual doses, the production of sterile and non-sterile formulations (e.g., eye drops, medicated papers, oral solutions) and the preparation of admixtures for intravenous nutritional support.

Pharmaceutical Services at Hospital da Luz Arrábida is located on Level 3, with all the infrastructure and equipment necessary to perform its activity in accordance with the current requirements.

Pharmaceutical Services Team


Alexandra Madureira (Technical Director)

Pharmaceutical Technician:

Isabel Patrão