Operating Room

Operating Room

The operating room of Hospital da Luz Arrábida has seven operating rooms with all the necessary technology for the most different surgical procedures.

It has an innovative lighting system, which substantially improves the visualization of the intervention area and eliminates the shadow effect. A laminar flow system is present all rooms, which reduces any possibility of contamination. The sterilization service is a certified service thus fulfilling all requirements with regard to the material used.

Operating rooms have intraoperative X-ray systems available that are used for verification and execution of some of the surgical procedures, thus ensuring the safety and quality of the procedures.

In addition, there is ultrasound with the possibility of using several probes, is also an added value in the surgical environment.

The operating room of the rooms are still equipped with a video system that allows you to record all interventions, which represents a safety for patients and a possibility to record for future analysis by the surgical team.

The operating room at Hospital da Luz Arrábida has the support of two postoperative recovery units with monitorized beds to support constant vigilance by the clinical team.