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    Medical specialty dedicated to diagnosing and treating medical and surgical diseases of the ear, nose, throat, head and neck including salivary glands and even the voice.

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    • Otolaryngology Consultation

    • Otolaryngology Consultation - Pediatric

    • Voice Consultation

    • Snoring and Sleep Consultation

    • Head and Neck Oncology Consultation

    • Vertigo Consultation

    • Otological Pathology and Hearing Rehabilitation Consultation

    • Geriatric Otolaryngology Consultation

      Consulta particularmente vocacionada para o diagnóstico e tratamento de queixas de zumbidos, desequilíbrios e surdez do doente idoso (apenas patologia resultante da idade).

    • Rhinoplasty and Facial Aesthetics Surgery Consultation

      Consulta realizada por médicos otorrinolaringologistas especializados na correção de deformidades do nariz ou face por razões estéticas ou traumáticas.

    • Nose and Sinus Pathology Consultation

      Consulta vocacionada para o tratamento de sinusites e rinites alérgicas ou outras.

    • Voice Unit: from diagnosis to therapy

    • Speech Therapy

    • Diagnostic tests of Otolaryngology

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  • Appointments

    The Hospital offers various methods for making appointments for consultations and diagnostic exams.

    • Phone Appointments:

      • 223 776 800

      24 horas / 365 dias


    • Online Appointments:

      You may request an appointment online in the link below or in the Patient Portal.

      Online Appointments
    • Directly in the unit reception:

      Monday to Friday | 07h30 - 22h00
      Saturday | 08h00 - 17h00

      • From 07h30 to 24h00 access to Hospital da Luz Arrábida is through the inside of the Shopping mall.
    • General Phone:

      223 776 800