Privacy Policy

The companies that manage Hospital da Luz network units – Hospital da Luz, British Hospital, Hospital da Misericórdia de Évora – ensure the respect of privacy to this site Users, adopting the necessary measures of protection of their personal data. 

The access and visit to this site does not imply in itself the automatic availability of any personal data identifying the User. However, the use of certain content or services may imply the availability of personal data by Users.

This Privacy Policy is an integral part of the Terms of Use of this website:, and regulates the gathering and treatment of personal data provided by Users, as well as the exercise of their rights regarding these data.

Collection and Treatment of Data

Hospital da Luz network units are responsible for the collection and treatment of Users personal data. The personal data collected are treated and stored electronically by Hospital da Luz network units or subcontractors, and are destined to respond to Users appointment scheduling. Access to the Client’s Portal requires previous registration, the treatment of personal data in that context being subject to an autonomous Privacy and Cookies Policy.

In that sense, the legal basis for the treatment of personal data is the establishment of a contract, where the data subject is a contractual party (together with Luz Saúde or a Luz Saúde unit) or there is pre-contractual diligence on request of the data subject, as applicable. 

Personal data collected will be stored so as to allow User identification exclusively during the period necessary for the purposes of collection and subsequent treatment, after which the data will be eliminated. Hospital da Luz network units assume that the data collected are provided by the data subject User or upon his approval, being accurate and true.

User Rights

In accordance with the law, the User has, at all times, the right to access, update and correct his personal data, as well as the right to eliminate or restrict data treatment and portability, and the right to oppose to data treatment, under the conditions previewed by law.

These rights may be exercised upon written request addressed to Luz Saúde, Rua Carlos Alberto da Mota Pinto, 17 – 9º, 1070-313 Lisboa, e-mail:

Data Sharing

Hospital da Luz units can share Users personal data to/when:

  • Other Grupo Luz Saúde entities, to respond to Users requests of clarification/commentaries/suggestions, if applicable;
  • Subcontractors for the purposes abovementioned, in the terms of the contracts established
  • Such data sharing is necessary or adequate: (i) under the applicable law; (ii) in the fulfilment of a legal obligation/judicial order; (iii) in the fulfilment of a deliberation by the National Committee for Data Protection or other competent controlling body; or (iv) in response to requests from public or governmental authorities;
  • Data sharing is done to protect vital interests of Users or for other legitimate purpose previewed by law.

Safety Measures

Hospital da Luz network units make their best efforts to protect Users personal data against unauthorized access via Internet. To this end, they use safety systems, regulations and other procedures in order to ensure personal data protection, and prevent its unauthorized access, misuse, disclosure, loss or destruction.

However, it is Users responsibility to ensure that the computer they use is duly protected against malicious software, electronic viruses and worms. Additionally, the User should be aware that, without adoption of the appropriate safety measures (for instance, browser safe configuration, updated antivirus software, safety barrier software, and no use of dubious software), the risk of access to personal data and passwords by unauthorized third parties increases.

Nevertheless, it is worth noting that whenever data gathering is done in open networks, such as Internet, data may circulate in an unsafe manner, implying the risk of being seen and used by unauthorized third parties.


Without prejudice of other administrative or judicial resources, the User has the right to submit complaints to the National Committee for Data Protection or other competent controlling body, in accordance with the law, if he feels that his data treatment by Hospital da Luz network units breaches the legal regime in force at the moment.


If the User has any questions concerning his personal data treatment and in exercise of his rights granted by the applicable law, particularly those referred in the present policy, he may contact Luz Saúde at:

Telephone: 217 104 430 
Address: Rua Carlos Alberto da Mota Pinto, 17 – 9º, 1070-313 Lisboa

Cookies policy

On Grupo Luz Saúde websites, cookies are used to offer a more adequate User experience. The information obtained has no other purpose. A cookie is a small information file automatically popped in Users’ computers/mobile devices, when they access certain websites. Luz Saúde units’ sites use cookies in one single session, namely to register the language, unit, sort of access device used, and also to display questionnaires. The process of elements gathering via cookies is performed in accordance with the standard safety procedures and practices for this kind of tools.

Additionally to these cookies, specific to Luz Saúde units’ sites, Google Analytics cookies are used for the purpose of registering statistical data on visitors flow and its characteristics. Cookies defined by Google Analytics send data exclusively to the server where the domain is located, becoming property of that domain. Such data cannot be altered or retrieved by other service or domain. The information obtained by these means does not allow to establish connections to the IP address of Users, in order to verify personal data. More information on data gathering via Google Analytics, at:

Social media cookies are also used, specifically from Facebook, for the purpose of sharing content. Information on data handling and Facebook cookie policy is available at

Most browsers are defined to accept cookies, although it is possible to configure a browser to refuse all cookies (see below) or to alert about incoming cookies.

The User can configure his browser to alert him of incoming cookies or to deactivate acceptance, however, that might partially affect the use of some functionalities of the site, not ensuring an improved and personalized navigation.

If the privacy configuration of the User’s browser is set as “High”, the User will not be able to access certain functionalities and may be prevented from using all functionalities of our websites or applications.

To resolve this question, add our Internet address to the list of websites allowed in your browser’s privacy configuration.

Hospital da Luz network units reserve the right, at all times and with no prior warning and immediate effect, to alter, add or revoke, partially or totally, the current Cookies Policy.

However, whenever relevant alterations are made concerning cookies, the User will view that information, so that he can access the information and/or approve its use and storage.

Alterations to Privacy Policy

Hospital da Luz network units reserve the right, at all times and with no prior warning and immediate effect, to alter, add or revoke, partially or totally, the current Privacy Policy. Any alterations will be immediately disclosed in this online page.

In case of substantial change in the process of treatment of the User’s personal data, this one will be informed of it, if contact data are available.