Conditions of access | International Health Insurance

General conditions of access for use of international health insurance in hospitals and clinics of Hospital da Luz group.

The following conditions of access are generally applicable for most international insurers and assistance companies:

  • Present a valid beneficiary card (if one has been issued) and a picture identification document.
  • Provide a guarantee of payment or treatment authorization letter from the insurer/assistance company to the hospital before or at the time of service.
  • You may be requested to provide co-payments / deductibles in accordance with the conditions expressed in the guarantee of payment letter, which vary by benefit plan.
  • Any excess costs that are not included in the guarantee of payment letter will be the responsibility of the client to pay at the time of service.
  • Any amounts later declined for payment by the insurer will become the responsibility of the client.

Additional information regarding guarantee of payment / authorization letters:

  • Upon request from you or your insurer, the hospital may provide a cost estimate to the insurer when required for issuing the guarantee of payment / authorization letter.
  • In the event a guarantee of payment / authorization letter is not available, has expired, or the information within it is insufficient for the hospital to accept, the client will be asked to pay and request reimbursement from the insurer or assistance company.
  • Guarantee of payment / authorization letters from companies without an agreement with the health unit may be accepted, but must be reviewed and approved internally first.
  • The hospital reserved the right to refuse any guarantee of payment and/or authorization letter from insurance and assistance companies who do not have an agreement with the hospital/clinic, who are unknown, and/or considered a credit risk.
  • A few insurers do not require that you request a guarantee of payment / authorization letter for a specific set of ambulatory services. Consult with your policy to confirm which ambulatory services are eligible, and any other conditions that may apply.
  • Finally, if you plan to pay the hospital / clinic at the service and request reimbursement from your insurer later, simply present your beneficiary card in case any contractual prices exist. On the day of your appointment, bring with you any insurance claim forms that require a signature or other information from the healthcare provider.

In case of any doubts about how to use your international healthcare policy in our hospital / clinic, please contact your insurer first in order to receive a detailed explanation about your specific policy.

For more information from the hospital / clinic regarding our conditions of access for international policies, please contact International Patient Services