Admission to hospital

Admission to hospital

If you are due to be admitted to the Hospital da Luz Lisboa, please bear the following points in mind when making your preparations.

Make sure you have these items with you on admission:

  • Identification documents (citizen card or ID card, tax number).
  • National health medical card and complementary health care card or health insurance card.
  • Recent medical results - e.g. tests, X-rays, CT or MRI scans - that were not carried out at Hospital da Luz.
  • Discharge documents and medical reports in your possession.
  • Signed informed consent form (if not already submitted).
  • Written instructions for medication you usually take, including name of medication, frequency and dosage.
  • Written indication of known allergies or intolerance to medicines, foods or other products.
  • Items for personal use such as pajamas or nightgown (preferably open at the front), bathrobe, slippers (plain, closed and practical, if possible non-slip), toiletries. If required, the hospital can provide these items of clothing and toiletries during your stay.
  • Method of payment (ATM card, check or cash).
  • NIB (Bank Identification Number).

Do not bring:

  • Jewelry and accessories such as watches, rings, bracelets, earrings or piercings.
  • Applied make-up and varnished or gel nails.
  • Medicines, except those that have been specifically requested by your doctor and are to be given to the nurse on admission.
  • Food of any kind.

Other information:

  • When you are admitted please give the receptionist the name of a person - family member or friend - and their details in case we need to contact them.
  • If you have any implanted device such as a pacemaker, bring the information given to you about this equipment and inform the nurse.
  • If you use a hearing device, dental or other aid, please also inform the nurse and confirm with him/her, before having any further examination or surgery, whether it is necessary to remove it. If so, leave it in its case with the nurse on duty.
  • The Hospital is not responsible for valuables and personal items that are not specifically left in its care, such as computers, tablets, game consoles and other portable electronic devices. If necessary, the Hospital can keep valuables or personal effects in a safe place. If you need to leave your room, for example in the event of surgery, you must leave the aforementioned objects in the custody of a relative or friend. If this is not possible, you should ask the duty nurse and a Hospital security officer will be called.
  • In the room you will find written details on admission regulations, support services and other useful information.

Thank you for choosing our hospital and we wish you a pleasant stay.