Specialized Centers

  • Maternity Services

    Maternity Services

    Maternity Services are provided by the Woman’s Hospital and are based on the philosophy of caring for the entire being. Prenatal appointments, labor, delivery, and recovery at the Hospital da Luz Lisboa all take place within a comfortable and secure environment containing the latest technology, enjoyable amenities, and an exception level of service.

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  • Obesity Treatment Center

    Obesity Treatment Center

    The Obesity Treatment Center at the Hospital da Luz strives to occupy a leading position in the prevention and treatment of obesity and to become an international reference in this area.

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  • Center of Robotic Surgery and Minimally Invasive Surgery

    Center of Robotic Surgery and Minimally Invasive Surgery

    Since the beginning of the hospital, minimally invasive surgery has been one of Hospital da Luz Lisboa main commitments, for the continual innovation associated with it, for the diversity of areas where it may be applied, and for the benefits it brings to patients, society and healthcare financing institutions.


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  • Cardiovascular Center

    Cardiovascular Center

    As a Center of Excellence at the Hospital da Luz Lisboa, The Cardiovascular Center offers patients a comprehensive service, advanced technology, and a team of highly skilled cardiologists and cardiovascular surgeons, working at the forefront of medicine in the diagnosis and treatment of heart problems, from the simple to the complex. 

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  • Breast Center

    Breast Center

    The Breast Center at the Hospital da Luz offers a complete service in the diagnosis and treatment of breast diseases. Specialists including experts in breast pathology and physicians from several specialities provide a multidisciplinary approach based on strong personal commitments and involvement in the mission of the Center.

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  • Headache Center

    Headache Center

    Headaches are a common problem that affects a significant percentage of the population. They are one of the most common complaints in doctor visits and a frequent cause of absenteeism from work.

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  • Spine Center

    Spine Center

    Spine problems are one of the most frequent causes of work absenteeism in younger adults.  It is also responsible for a vast majority of deteriorating quality of life in older adults. The demands of everyday life and the loss of healthy life habits are among the principal causes for the increase in spinal diseases in addition to producing very high socio-economic costs.

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  • Thyroid Pathology Center

    Thyroid Pathology Center

    Thyroid disease, manifested by structural changes in the gland that result in functional consequences, is quite prevalent in the Portuguese population.

    Some thyroid diseases, because of their rarity, complexity or progression, require a specialized, integrated approach that is multidisciplinary in nature.

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  • Children's Hospital

    Children's Hospital

    The multidisciplinary services offered by the Children’s Hospital at the Hospital da Luz Lisboa work within a comprehensive framework for the provision of care as defined by the special needs of children who are ill as well as those who will be monitored throughout their growth and development. Professionals from all areas of pediatric intervention focus on maintaining and promoting good health and the physical and psychological well-being of children and young people via an integrated approach with family, school and society. 

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  • Oncology Center

    Oncology Center

    Generally speaking, the incidence of oncological diseases has increased in developed countries. A major contribution to this increase is a longer life expectancy and the availability of diagnostic methods that are increasingly more sophisticated. In addition, some forms of oncological illness have increased, often due to the lifestyle habits of modern society.

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  • Center of Sports Medicine

    Center of Sports Medicine

    From recreational to high competition sports, the Center of Sports Medicine at the Hospital da Luz Lisboa offers an integrated and comprehensive approach for all athletes, regardless of their age, or amateur or professional status.

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  • Colorectal Pathology Center

    Colorectal Pathology Center

    At Hospital da Luz, the Colorectal Pathology Center offers professional competence and differentiation, integrated multidisciplinary organization, advanced technology and humanized healthcare.


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  • Diabetes Center

    Diabetes Center

    A disturbance in glucose metabolism is a common feature among the group of metabolic disorders known as Diabetes Mellitus. Over 10% of the Portuguese population has been diagnosed with diabetes, which is twice the number of people identified with the disease twenty years ago in Portugal. Diabetes is a paradigm of chronic disease, the development of it is frequently silent. As such, a major concern is the possibility for the disease to give rise to complications in different organs of the body, which may effectively reduce both quality and years of life.

    Managing diabetes and its complications requires personalized clinical monitoring and a multidisciplinary approach, which may be found at the Diabetes Center at Hospital da Luz Lisboa.

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