A number of different medical areas are actively involved in the Diabetes Center at Hospital da Luz Lisboa. Health professionals from the relevant areas integrate into thematic consultations that are specifically designed to meet the needs of this disease and its complications. 

The diabetes consultation centralizes the clinical management of these patients and, whenever necessary, articulates in close collaboration with other health professionals of the Diabetes Center involved in thematic consultations, as well as physicians providing specialist consultations to patients of the Diabetes Center. In addition, whenever diagnostic exams are required, the Diabetes Center articulates the needs of its patients with other services at Hospital da Luz Lisboa, such as the Clinical Analyses Laboratory, the Imaging Center, and others. 

The medical consultations offered by the Diabetes Center are as follows:

  • Diabetes Consultation

    The Diabetes consultation centralizes the coordination of patient care.

    In this consultation, led by endocrinologists, diagnosis and evaluation of the patient's needs is conducted.
    Given that diabetes is a chronic disease which demands self-management on the part of the sufferer, first and foremost, it is essential to consider the educational requirements of each patient, so that he or she is fully aware of the daily challenges posed by the disease.

    The health professionals involved in the diabetes consultation have a strong understanding for the determinants of behavioral change, the challenge it often presents for patients, as well as an integrated vision of the disease and its evolution.

    Educational needs, in terms of learning and practicing disease management techniques, such as injectable therapy and activities of self-vigilance, are provided in articulation with the nursing team supporting the consultation.
    Nutritionists provide support to this consultation by assessing and adapting the nutritional needs of each patient according to the specificities of their condition.

    Treatment proposed by the Center is specific to the patient and the particular stage of the disease. The Diabetes Center promotes cooperation among various types of health professionals, who are familiar with different aspects of the same patient, thus ensuring the most suitable decisions for each particular case.

    Another main concern and priority of the Diabetes Center is to detect potential complications at an early stage, and to take appropriate treatment measures. The ease of referring patients to specialist consultations contributes to ensuring the patients are well monitored.

    Whenever necessary, support from other clinical areas is also provided, such as consultations in cardiology, vascular surgery, pain management, ophthalmology, nephrology, neurology, diabetic foot, psychiatry, psychology, urology and dentistry.

    Furthermore, the ease of referral by the Diabetes Center for complementary diagnostic services, for example, in the Electrophysiology Laboratory, Imaging Center and Clinical Analyses Laboratory, enables a more rapid response to the patients' needs.

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  • Diabetic Foot Consultation

    Diabetic foot is a serious complication of diabetes, and the main cause of non-traumatic amputation of the lower limbs.
    It is the result of a set of factors, such as arterial insufficiency of the lower limbs, diabetic polyneuropathy, incorrect treatment of toenails and calluses of the feet, and the use of inappropriate footwear.

    The right approach to this situation, that supports prevention, selection of appropriate treatment, and control of the disease's progression, includes offering a special consultation for this condition, which involves physicians from vascular surgery and orthopedics, in articulation with other clinical professionals, such as podiatrists and specialized nurses.


  • Obesity Surgery Consultation

    Bariatric surgery, or obesity surgery, has a remarkable metabolic effect on the control of Type 2 Diabetes in obese individuals.

    Although not regarded as the first course of action, there is still a consensus among international scientific societies that obesity surgery is an increasingly useful alternative for considerably obese individuals whose metabolism is difficult to control.

    The bariatric surgery consultation at Hospital da Luz Lisboa is conducted by a general surgeon with extensive experience in this field. The consultation offers patients information regarding surgery options and alternatives in addition to comprehensive post-surgical follow-up.

    Find out more about the Obesity Treatment Center and obesity surgery

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  • Smoking Cessation Consultation

    Diabetes implies considerable cardiovascular risk.

    Of all the possible interventions to reduce cardiovascular risks in diabetic patients, smoking cessation has proven to be one of the measures with the greatest benefits.

    The smoking cessation consultation represents an important therapeutic option for diabetics who are smokers. Although self determination is crucial in this process, assessments in a specialized consultation and patient support have proven to significantly increase the likelihood of long-term success.

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  • Pain Management Consultation


    Neuropathy is a complication of Diabetes.

    Diabetes can cause considerable pain, which is not always completely resolved through initial medication.

    Specialized observation in pain management consultations has proven to attain better results in more complex cases.

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  • Cardiology Consultation

    Diabetes is a vascular disease and the risk of heart disease is significantly higher in people with Diabetes.

    In the Diabetes Center, referral to a cardiology consultation results in a rapid assessment of patients suspected of having associated heart disease. In addition to any complementary diagnostic exams that may be required, the cardiology consultation contributes to a faster diagnosis and more suitable treatment approach.

    Articulation between cardiology physicians with cardiothoracic surgery and vascular surgery at the Cardiovascular Center at Hospital da Luz Lisboa fosters a more timely and comprehensive response to the needs of these patients.


  • Vascular Surgery Consultation


    Diabetes confers an increased risk of vascular disease, such as arterial occlusive disease of the lower limbs or carotid artery occlusions, which are frequently silent conditions that show no warning signs.

    Diagnosis and appropriate treatment may be provided in a vascular surgery consultation.


  • Dental Consultation


    Diabetes interferes with oral health quite significantly.

    Individuals with diabetes present more dental infections and gum disease (periodontal disease), resulting in a higher percentage of teeth loss and dental implants than the general population.

    This problem has not always been adequately addressed, despite the impact it has on the quality of life and eating habits of people with diabetes, which may also impede the recommended healthy diet they are expected to follow.

    The dental consultation provides assessment, treatment, and subsequent monitoring of any dental problems.

  • Nephrology Consultation


    Diabetes is the main cause of terminal renal insufficiency in developed countries.

    Patients who are most at risk should be monitored through nephrology consultations, with a view to slowing down progression of any existing renal disease, as well as planning appropriate treatment measures, should deterioration of renal function occur.

  • Neurological Consultation


    Diabetic patients may suffer neurological complications.

    Cerebrovascular disease may be associated with neurological changes which may benefit from being evaluated and monitored by a neurologist. Diabetic polyneuropathy may be assessed in this consultation, during which the most suitable treatment plans are also established.


  • Ophthalmology Consultation


    Diabetes is one of the main causes of blindness in developed countries.

    Diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring of situations such as retinopathy, glaucoma and cataracts, are highly common conditions in individuals with diabetes, which may be investigated in an ophthalmology consultation.


  • Psychiatric Consultation

    The occurrence of psychiatric disorders may hamper an effective control of diabetes. The possibility of assessing higher risk cases and attaining an accurate diagnosis is fundamental in such situations.

    Only goal-directed therapy and correct monitoring will contribute towards successful outcomes in patients with diabetes.


  • Urology Consultation


    Erectile dysfunction is a frequent complication of diabetes which requires a type of monitoring that is both sensitive and effective.

    The Diabetes Center works in articulation with urology physicians, in order to obtain the best possible solution in these cases.