The Center

The Center

The Oncology Center provides optimal conditions for the diagnosis and treatment of oncological illnesses in a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere.

Generally speaking, the incidence of oncological diseases has increased in developed countries. A major contribution to this increase is a longer life expectancy and the availability of diagnostic methods that are increasingly more sophisticated. In addition, some forms of oncological illness have increased, often due to the lifestyle habits of modern society.

Oncological disease has a major economic, social and family impact. As a serious public health problem, significant efforts are underway to outline and investigate prevention and screening programs, in addition to building upon our understanding of these diseases and as well as improving methods for diagnosing and treating them.

The Oncology Center at the Hospital da Luz Lisboa offers a complete, multidisciplinary approach to oncological diseases by providing specialised professionals with recognised experience and modern, innovative technological resources.

The Oncology Center at the Hospital da Luz Lisboa organizes its activities in line with the needs of patients. In accordance with this operating philosophy, the Oncology Center brings together non-surgical specialist areas most involved in the diagnosis and treatment of oncological diseases, namely Molecular Medicine, Medical Oncology and Radiotherapy. In addition, the Center works maintains a strong collaboration with all departments and services that are necessarily involved in the care provided to each patient, such as Pathological Anatomy, Diagnostic Imaging, Gastroenterology, Pneumology and Clinical Pathology, various Surgical Specialist fields, Pharmacy, Palliative Care, Internal Medicine, Immunohemotherapy, Psychology, Nutrition and Social Assistance. Multidisciplinary teamwork produces the Center's diagnosis and treatment protocols that guide treatment decisions.

In its global and integrated approach to oncological diseases, the Oncology Center of the Hospital da Luz Lisboa works to achieve excellence in the care provided to all patients with regards to a rigorous diagnosis, a complete and detailed planning of the treatment programs, and the organization and provision of all the support care required during the monitoring of the illness. 

In the near future the Oncology Center will establish differentiated areas for certain oncological pathologies, contribute to the development of scientific knowledge through participation in research projects, and be involved in the continued training of health professionals. The Oncology Center also houses the Oncological Committee and the Oncology Registry, activities that also include contributions from other departments and services of the Hospital da Luz Lisboa.

The Oncology Center is located on Level -1 of the Hospital da Luz, with access via the Main Entrance, and from the car park, via elevator group B. 

Coordination of the Oncology Center:

Dr. José Luis Passos Coelho