Anatomical Pathology

Anatomical Pathology


Anatomical Pathology maintains a close cooperation with most medical and surgical areas, for it is indispensable in the diagnosis and follow-up of many diseases.

Anatomical Pathology performs the macro and microscopic analysis of organs, cells and tissues, contributing for the diagnosis, information on the clinical evolution and dissemination of the disease in the organism, having a determinant role in the definition of the therapeutic approach to apply.

At Hospital da Luz, the Department of Anatomical Pathology is intended to respond promptly and accurately to all situations presented.

It is convenient that the anatomopathological diagnosis is readily available after consultation, exam or surgical intervention. The promptness of the anatomopathological diagnosis is of utmost importance in cases of oncologic pathology. The uniformization of the sampling procedures, the new methodologies applicable to its processing, the equipment available and a continual system of daily work without peaks, are among the factors that allow to reduce response time and, naturally, to make a better use of the human and technological resources available in this department of Hospital da Luz Lisboa.

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