Imaging is one of the most important areas in colorectal pathology. It intervenes in the diagnosis (in screening, in the identification of the disease after evaluation of diagnostic hypotheses, and as auxiliary tool for other exams), in staging, therapeutics and in the surveillance of many diseases.

The Imaging Center is one of the areas in Hospital da Luz Lisboa where technological innovation is more evident.

A national pioneer based on the latest technology and a totally digital concept, this center has more modern means of diagnosis in the field, which combined with exceptional infrastructures and human resources of high scientific and technical quality, supports an accurate and differentiated service. Innovation is also evident in the technology in use, allying cutting-edge equipment of direct digital radiology to the more advanced systems of information, archiving and image communication. Therefore, it is possible to send images and results electronically to any destination inside or outside Hospital da Luz Lisboa.

Exams at the Imaging Center can be performed every day, including Saturdays and Sundays, between 8h00 and 20h00.

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The Imaging Center is located on Floor 0, with direct access by elevator from car parking floors or by escalator.