The Thyroid Pathology Center is a multidisciplinary service committed to diagnosis and comprehensive treatment of thyroid disease.

Thyroid disease, manifested by structural changes in the gland that result in functional consequences, is quite prevalent in the Portuguese population. Some thyroid diseases, because of their rarity, complexity or progression, require a specialized, integrated approach that is multidisciplinary in nature.

The Thyroid Pathology Center at the Hospital da Luz Lisboa has professionals with vast experience and expertise in this area, as well as all the necessary technical tools required during diagnosis and treatment of these patients.

The center is actively involved in the following:

  • Patient care, by ensuring a multidisciplinary, integrated and individualized approach for each patient with thyroid disease, in accordance with the latest advances in this area of medicine.
  • Training, through the dissemination of knowledge of the various aspects of thyroid disease.
  • Research, by developing independent or collaborative projects with other institutions engaged in this area.