Team, Contacts and Referral

Team, Contacts and Referral

The Thyroid Pathology Center possesses a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals in the field. The diagnosis and treatment of thyroid diseases, especially thyroid cancer, require a multidisciplinary approach.

Coordination of the Thyroid Pathology Center:

  • Dr. António Garrão (Endocrinology)
  • Dr.ª Olímpia Cid (General Surgery)

Medical specialties involved in the Thyroid Pathology Center:

  • Endocrinology - Guiding diagnosis and treatment patients with thyroid disease
  • General Surgery - Pre-surgical evaluation, surgery, and post-surgery follow-up.
  • Anestesiology - Anesthesia and evaluation during surgery
  • Clinical Pathology - Clinical analyses required for diagnosis and monitoring of patients
  • Anatomical Pathology - Performs and interprets results from fine needle aspiration cytology guided by palpation, histological and cytological, and intraoperative examinations.
  • Radiology - Performs and interprets imaging tests, including aspiration cytology guided by ultrasound, computerized tomography and nuclear magnetic resonance
  • Molecular Medicine- Performs and interprets thyroid scintigraphy, body scintigraphy with iodine-131 and positron emission tomography (PET), treatment with Iodine-131
  • Radioterapy - Programs and implements external radiotherapy in patients with thyroid cancer, monitors patients during the therapeutic process

In addition to these specialists, and where indicated, medical specialists from other areas may contribute to a comprehensive approach and coordination of care.

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