Obesity is a serious disease which requires a specific approach. The Obesity Treatment Center at the Hospital da Luz Lisboa strives to occupy a leading position in the prevention and treatment of obesity and to become an international reference in this area.

Obesity, commonly defined as “the presence of excessive fat in the organism”, is in fact a complex public health problem with a high incidence that continues to grow among occidental populations. It is a concern to health professionals from different areas all around the world.

Frequently the concern with obesity is often limited to its aesthetic implications, and analyzed as a simple consequence of nutritional excesses. However, various factors may contribute to its development. In addition, people with obesity may find themselves in a growing risk situation for developing various severe diseases. In addition, psychological, social and economical difficulties associated with obesity compromise these patients daily quality of life in a significant way.

Obesity requires an approach that considers its multifactor origin and consequences on various levels. Therefore, evaluation, treatment and follow up should involve health professionals from various areas and specialties who have specific knowledge about the disease.

The Obesity Treatment Center at Hospital da Luz Lisboa offers physical and technological valences in a common space along with a team of health professionals from different specialization areas. Obesity is managed in an integrated and multidisciplinary way, according to the specificities of each case, and with the objective of intervening in an efficient and effective way, in the treatment, as well as in prevention, of the disease.

This process begins with the evaluation, continues with the initiation of the appropriate treatment and follow-up during the recovery phase, and thereafter, the return to a normal daily life. Lifelong follow-up is available at the Hospital da Luz Lisboa, with the frequency adapted to each patient, in order to ensure optimal results and monitor the nutritional state.

With a unique capability to contribute broadly to the health and wellbeing of those who seek support for this condition, the Obesity Treatment Center aims to occupy a leading position in the prophylaxis and treatment of obesity, and to become a renowned international reference in this area.