Pediatric Urgent Care

Pediatric Urgent Care

Pediatric Urgent Care is intended for children and young people until 18 years old.

This service is specifically dedicated to the evaluation and treatment of urgent/emergent situations, as well as other circumstances that require quick intervention.

Following triage, performed by nurses, medical assistance is provided by pediatricians. When deemed necessary, other specialists from Hospital da Luz Lisboa may be requested. In the Urgent Care Department, there are specialists available in Anesthesiology, Neonatology, Internal Medicine and Intensive Care Medicine, ready to intervene when necessary.

The physical space of Pediatric Urgent Care includes common areas with Adult Urgent Care and specific areas for children and young people, including dedicated waiting and observation rooms. In the waiting room, decorated for young patients, there are games and toys available, as well as televisions programmed for the young public. The consultation and observation rooms are also specifically decorated so that children feel more comfortable and at ease. The areas of common use in the Urgent Care Department are the reanimation room with two beds, the minor operation room, the plaster room and the treatment room, as well as the areas of access and administrative services.

Young people over 15 years old may select to use the Adult Urgent Care Services. In this case, the patient will be seen by a family and general medicine physician following nurse triage.