Maternity Services are provided by the Woman’s Hospital and are based on the philosophy of caring for the entire being. Prenatal appointments, labor, delivery, and recovery at the Hospital da Luz Lisboa all take place within a comfortable and secure environment containing the latest technology, enjoyable amenities, and an exception level of service.

The multidisciplinary teams ensure a continual presence of clinical expertise, while the unit as a whole always maintains a family focus. The care is organized to produce a safe and satisfying birth experience for all involved.

Our clinical team is capable of responding to any medical situation that may arise during pregnancy and birth while also supporting the comfort and well-being of our clients. The following features are just some of the reasons to receive your maternity care at the Hospital da Luz Lisboa:

  • A clinical staff of competent and accomplished obstetricians, neonatologists, anesthesiologists, and medical geneticists.

  • Availability of a complete array of obstetric diagnostic exams including: Prenatal diagnostic screening, early obstetric ultrasound, 1st trimester ultrasound for the detection of fetal abnormalities, 2nd trimester ultrasound to evaluate fetal morphology, 3rd trimester ultrasound to monitor fetal growth and well-being, 3D-4D ultrasounds, ultrasounds with flowmetry, fetal echocardiogram, amniocentesis, cardiotocography (CTG), and laboratory analysis.

  • Mother/Baby inpatient unit, a modern and appealing environment with superior guest service.

  • A delivery ward including dilation rooms, birthing rooms, ceasarian delivery rooms, and recovery rooms, all with the latest technological resources within generous and attractive spaces.

  • A nursing team specialized in the care of pregnant women, new mothers and newborns. New mothers and their babies are cared for by the same nurse during their stay in the hospital. New mothers may choose to keep their newborns by their side at all times, whenever possible, or they may request the services of the nursery, should they need some time to rest.
  • A center for high-risk obstetric patients and a unit for prenatal diagnosis.

  • Nursery and neonatal special care unit.

  • The baby care and hygiene room is where the daily hygiene routine for babies is provided and where parents are taught various baby care tasks, both routine and specifically adjusted for their child.

  • A security system for newborns.

  • An obstetric emergency service available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • An intensive care unit.

Please visit our obstetric services page to make an appointment or find a specific doctor.