3rd MRI Scanner to be Installed at the Hospital da Luz

The Imaging Center at the Hospital da Luz will install an additional MRI Scanner, the third in the unit, that will become operational in early February 2012. The investment makes the Imaging Center the first in Portugal with three MRIs.

The main objectives for the investment in the MRI equipment are to make it possible for the Imaging Center to respond effectively to the increasing demand for MRI scans, as well as support the possibility to integrate research projects into their clinical activities, in particular, to perform neuroscience and cardiac magnetic resonance studies.

The new MRI Scanner is a MAGNETOM Aera 1.5 Tesla, a next-generation machine developed by Siemens. In terms of technical specifications, the equipment includes a shorter and wider (70 cm) tunnel which will minimize claustrophobia and maximize guest comfort, and advanced software - Dot Engine - which allows for intelligent, automatic alignment of the sequences according to the position of the structure under study. This reduces the time required to perform the exam by approximately 30% while offering the same quality of diagnosis.