7th Book of Clinical Cases: the start of a new cycle at the Hospital da Luz

'The seventh edition of the Book of Hospital da Luz Clinical Cases marks the end of a cycle in the life of this institution' and the start of 'a new cycle in which the hospital clearly stakes its leadership in innovation'. The words of Isabel Vaz, CEO of Luz Saúde noted the publication of another edition of the book of Hospital da Luz Clinical Cases, available to specialists at a time when the Hospital da Luz expansion project is being prepared. 'A new adventure' stated Isabel Vaz 'where we surely be able once again to exceed both our individual and collective goals'.

Presented in the new Book of Clinical Cases are some of the more complex cases dealt with by Hospital da Luz staff in 2013 and 2014. They reflect, as noted in the preface by the clinical director José Roquette, the 'multidisciplinary medicine and team work' seen at this institution.

The editor of the book on Clinical Cases and physician at the Hospital da Luz, Dinis da Gama, highlighted at the presentation, that 'a publication of this type should be seen a a unique opportunity to promote physicians and other staff working in health care, as it 'breaks the isolation, allows the dissemination of break throughs and innovation, thus contributing to an increase in professional self-esteem and energy’.

As was the case with previous editions, the Book of Clinical Cases 2013-2014 brings together cases from different medical and surgical specialisms and will be distributed free of charge at public and private hospitals around the country. It will also be made available at teaching and research centres and professional and scientific organizations which represent physicians.