Recruitment for 12 New Clinical Trials Opened

The Centre of Clinical Research from Hospital da Luz Learning Health opened patient recruitment for 12 new clinical trials with experimental drugs, destined to patients from Hospital da Luz Lisboa and Hospital Beatriz Ângelo.

These trials will be made in the areas of breast carcinoma (four trials), multiple sclerosis (three), and also trials in the areas of pulmonary thromboembolism, Alzheimer, cardiac insufficiency and HIV.

The Centre of Clinical Research from Hospital da Luz Learning Health will have a total of 24 clinical trials with opened recruitment in the above-mentioned hospitals – also including the areas of gastric and prostate cancer, diabetes, ulcerative colitis and cerebrovascular accident.

For more information about clinical trials:

Hospital da Luz Lisboa

Hospital Beatriz Ângelo

Since 2010, over 200 patients participated in about 100 clinical trials coordinated by the Centre of Clinical Research from Hospital da Luz Learning Health.

The great majority is developed by the pharmaceutical industry, but there are also studies conducted with Solti Group (a Spanish non-profit organization dedicated to research in the area of oncology, whose work is developed in cooperation with 200 specialists from Spain, Italy, France and Portugal) and national and international university groups.

The participation in trials offers access to new treatments not yet available on the market, besides contributing to improve clinical knowledge. They are the last phase of development of a drug and are only initiated when the results obtained in the respective laboratory trial suggest that it may have therapeutic action and the expected benefits surpass adverse effects. Participation is completely voluntary and thoroughly followed by medical teams of the above-mentioned hospitals, duly certified in the best medical practice. When a trial is performed, it has already been approved by several official regulatory organs, such as the Ethics Committee for Clinical Research, Instituto Nacional da Farmácia e do Medicamento (National Institute for Pharmaceutical Research and Drugs) and the National Commission for Data Protection.