Breastfeeding and medication: a practical guide for mothers

Hospital da Luz Pharmaceutical Services have drawn up a Guide to the Safe Use of Drugs during Breastfeeding, to help clarify in a practical and efficient way the most common questions faced by new mothers.

The guide explains why it is important for a mother to take special care with drugs while breast-feeding her baby. It also explains what should she do if she has a headache, a cold or fever, or when suffering from insomnia, among other conditions.

The guide gives several examples of non-prescription medicines and their effects in each situation, showing those that are safe and those that may have side effects. In any event, the Guide states that it is always preferable, where possible, for the breastfeeding mother to opt for non-pharmacological solutions to solve these types of problems.

The Guide to the Safe Use of Drugs is to be made available by pharmacists in teaching sessions at the Hospital da Luz maternity ward (via an access link to the document or the QRcode, given to new mothers to download).