Learn “How to Save Lives” with Hospital da Luz

About fifty persons participated, last October 16, in training initiatives on Basic Life Support organized by Hospital da Luz Learning Health (HLLH) at Hospital da Luz Lisboa, to celebrate the European Restart a Heart Day – thus joining the initiative “Community Saving Lives” promoted by the European Resuscitation Council and the Portuguese Resuscitation Council.

In the scope of two courses, during the morning and afternoon, the participants heard, first, in the auditorium of Hospital da Luz Lisboa, enlightenments by nurse Miguel Valente, a HLLH trainer, who defined the emergency situations where it may be determinant to know what to do to help a person in cardiorespiratory arrest and save his life.

The presentation included the exhibition of two videos exemplifying situations of unconsciousness in a public place and the set of procedures to apply – usually designated as the chain of survival.

Therefore, when encountering someone lying unconscious, the rule LLF (look, listen, feel) should be applied: see if the person is conscious, if he is breathing (putting the ear against the mouth and nose of the victim, for 10 seconds) and if the thorax or abdomen are moving. 

If this doesn’t happen, it means the victim is in cardiorespiratory arrest, explained Miguel Valente, and 911 should be called, following the instructions then given.

Then, said furthermore the HLLH trainer, the Basic Life Support manoeuvres should be initiated: series of 30 thorax pressures, alternated with two mouth-to-mouth ventilations.

If one doesn’t know how to do ventilation, pressures must be done continuously, explained Miguel Valente, highlighting that this manoeuvre should be maintained until the arrival of the emergency team, stopping only when requested by them.

In the practical part of the course, with mannequins, the participants were divided into groups and had the opportunity to learn with HLLH training team – formed by nurses Miguel Valente, Sacha Pereira, Mécia Barradas, Joana Coelho, Cláudia Oliveira and Jorge Emídio, and doctor of Internal Medicine, Raquel Cavaco – how to apply cardiopulmonary reanimation (CPR), following all steps necessary to reanimate a victim.

To learn what does an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) was another aspect of the training. Miguel Valente explained what does a certified professional to reanimate victims with this portable equipment. Presently, only duly certified professionals are authorized to use AED.

It is worth mentioning that, in the same day, nurse Miguel Valente and cardiologist Daniel Ferreira were in the radio show “Programa da Manhã”, on Rádio Comercial, to give training on Basic Life Support to radio hosts Pedro Ribeiro, Vasco Palmeirim, Vera Fernandes and Nuno Markl.

Hospital da Luz professionals left an important message, shared by Rádio Comercial team with listeners and social media followers:
“Everyone can learn, everyone should learn!
To know how to apply these manoeuvres can save lives.”